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SkB studious materials library
ARCHITECT: SkB Architects


CLIENT: SkB Architects

SCHEDULE: 24 weeks

SIZE: 5,653 sf + 1,682 sf Mezzanine
This project is at the cutting edge of design/engineering for an interior office space. This 7,500 sftenant improvement build-out started with a vision from SkB Architects’ principals who exposed this “diamond in the rough” and transformed it into one of the most unique spaces imaginable. As you walk into the lobby area, you instantly realize the attention to detail, from its blackened steel casework, counter tops and front walled conference rooms and sliding doors that form the main conference room corner not only express the intricate design but the quality of craftsmanship that went into building this project. The blackened steel stair system invites the staff and customers to the second floor “Work Room” where many unique ideas originate. The exposed sandblasted roof deck and glue lam beams above only magnify the expanse of this one of a kind space.
SkB studious open office design
SkB studious interior hallway
SkB studious lounge and staircase
SkB studious kitchen and model countertops
SkB studious desk and concrete wall

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