“I seek to promote opportunities for women and recognize their achievements, and I look forward to seeing more women succeed in the industry.”

Why did you choose the construction industry for your career?
I grew up with a father who worked in the construction industry his entire career, but I had never considered working in the industry myself. It happened by chance. I was 23 years old and looking for a job. I interviewed with an up-and-coming general contractor by the name of Schuchart Corporation. I landed the job as the company’s first receptionist and have been here ever since. That was 27 years ago. During my time with the company, my roles and responsibilities have included administrative tasks, office management, marketing, and event planning. For more than 10 years I managed human resources and IT department. In 2019, I became the company’s first VP of Learning and Innovation, where I will be responsible for incorporating new technologies and learning methodologies to enhance the way that Schuchart delivers projects and collaborates with clients and teams.

What organizations do you participate in?
Professionally, I am involved with SHRM, NAWIC, WLIC, AGC and CREW. Additionally, I volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center and participate in volunteer activities through Schuchart including Operation Sack Lunch and Habitat for Humanity.

How have you seen opportunities in the workplace evolve for women during your career both before and at Schuchart?
Earlier in my career, I only saw women in administrative, restaurant and/or retail positions. But now, I see them everywhere and it is exciting. In our company alone, we have many women in management roles which was not the case 30 years ago. And not just in our industry. The last four times I have flown commercially, the pilot has been a woman.

Schuchart supports its women by providing the same opportunities for advancement as men, recognizing their achievements, ensuring pay equity, offering flexible work schedules, encouraging involvement in industry organizations and events and the company supports organizations which promote women in the industry such as NAWIC and CREW.

How do you handle the work-life balance? How does Schuchart support you?
It can be challenging at times but Schuchart is very supportive of putting family and health first. The company offers flexible schedules and the option to work remotely as needed.