“I like to be active and be part of a team—Schuchart is a big family.”

Why did you choose construction?
I didn’t choose construction. After trying to start my own cleaning company without as much success as I’d hoped, a friend suggested I try construction. and now I’m hooked!

What was your first project at Schuchart?
I started working at Schuchart in 2006 on the Ballard Heights condo project. Shortly thereafter I started working with Schuchart’s south end Boeing team. The last 13+ years working on Boeing projects have taught me how to be a team player and the value of an organized job site. Perhaps most importantly I have learned that safety on the job site is critical to a job’s overall success and I seek to promote safety in everything I do.

What do you like about working at Schuchart?
I enjoy being active and being part of a team, that feels more like family. Schuchart has promoted a healthy work/life balance allowing flexibility and time off to manage personal issues as they arise.

How have you seen opportunities in the workplace evolve for women during your career?
Basically, I have seen more women in just about every traditional male-dominated profession: electricians, firefighters, police officers, and many more. It’s refreshing to see diversity across these careers.