“I love construction and I am proud of the women who choose to work in the industry.”

Why did you choose the construction industry for your profession?
I was 19 and a friend’s mom was a Project Engineer for Wright Schuchart Harbor. They needed someone to do various administrative tasks at a Boeing jobsite and I needed a full-time job with benefits. From the minute I took the job, I loved what I did. I was inspired and I loved the industry. I knew if I worked hard, I would always have a job.

Describe your time at Schuchart.
It has been a fast and fun two years! In addition to serving as Senior Project Manager, I enjoy the interaction with senior leadership in strategic planning, improving processes, and developing and mentoring employees.

What philanthropic organizations do you participate in?
I remember early in my career, I had $20 a month taken out of my check for Jubilee’s Women’s Center. At the time that was a lot of money to me. Today, I sit on the board for the Act of Giving Foundation. This collective giving circle donates approximately $45,000 annually to grassroots organizations all over the world.

I also serve on the Schuchart Giving Committee, organizing initiatives for our employees to support the communities where we live and work. My goal for 2019 is to do at least one more thing – volunteer at least one more time, make one more donation (even if it’s small), learn about one more non-profit, or make life a little easier for someone less fortunate.

How have you seen opportunities in the workplace evolve for women?
When I started my career, I was the only woman on every project. I didn’t think much of it because that is the way it was and always had been. But now, I’m beginning to see more women involved in job walks, on project teams, and in the office. This mix has brought new perspectives to the industry. Women and men think and communicate differently, and this diversity is essential in order to progress.

How do you handle the work-life balance?
I like to think of it as life-work balance! While there will always be long days when things need to get done, Schuchart’s flexible working arrangements allow me to work a reasonable number of hours from home and the office, supporting my projects and teams effectively.