“True commitment, hard work, and follow-through are the key elements of success.”

Why did you choose the construction industry for your career?
It chose me. I was 19 years old and needed a job after getting laid off. A general contractor in Tacoma called me; we talked for an hour and 34 years later, I’m still in it!

Describe your time at Schuchart.
I started in 2013 as a Project Manager for the industrial division working on the Boeing Company account. In addition to servicing that account, I am currently working to grow our company in Tacoma, looking to expand Schuchart’s reach to new public and private clients.

How did you get where you are?
Over the past 34 years, I have had many careers in the construction industry: a receptionist and an accountant for 10 years before finding my niche as a Project Manager estimating, bidding and running jobs.

How does Schuchart support you?
Schuchart supports its women by offering classes, encouragement, tools and communication tailored to the issues facing working women today. This connection to the individual has allowed me to succeed professionally and personally.

Did I mention that I raised two wonderful sons while building my career? Once while on vacation in Maui, I had to answer a phone call from work and my eldest son asked, “Is work worth it?” Without hesitation I told him that it was important to work hard, be committed and follow through on your obligations; aspects I saw as key to being successful in work and life. With my boys grown now, I can say that they have learned from the lessons I taught them. My eldest son just graduated with a degree in Construction Management and is now working in the industry…something I never saw coming!