“I enjoy running large projects, collaborating with a team focused on quality and craft.”

Why did you choose the construction industry for your career?
My dad works in construction so from a young age I was exposed to the industry. My childhood memories include going to daddy/daughter days, family events and company trips. I would help do take offs and remember being good at finding the doors! I decided to go to the Construction Management career fair my senior year of college and got an internship that evolved into a job after graduation. 

Describe your time at Schuchart.
Hired in 2013 to service the Microsoft account, I began working on small projects under $100,000. Six years later, I’m running multiple projects at a time and mentoring team members. My relationships with clients, subcontractors and the Schuchart team has evolved and I have gained confidence and earned the trust of those I work with.

How does Schuchart support its women in the workplace?
There have been instances when I have been treated differently than my male peers by subcontractors and owners. Whenever these situations have occurred, I quickly communicated with my managers who supported me and worked to resolve any issues. This support has allowed me to work independently, knowing that I have my team’s assistance when needed.

How have you seen opportunities in the workplace evolve for women?
In general, I believe that opportunities for women are expanding in the industry. I see more women in management, supervisory and executive roles and I feel fortunate to have worked for companies and managers that support my personal growth and push me to succeed. I enjoy Schuchart’s involvement in a range of women-focused events including an annual ladies’ night and participation with the NAWIC and WLIC organizations.