“I enjoy being part of a team that is committed to excellence.”

Why did you choose the construction industry for your career?
Construction chose me. I was working at Airborne Express and was looking for a change. Fortunately, I interviewed at Schuchart and as they say the rest is history. Fifteen years later, I enjoy my role as project accountant for the Boeing Company account.

How does Schuchart support its women in the workplace?
Jennifer Rosado, our VP of Learning and Innovation, is a partner and vice president at our firm. I think that having a woman in a leadership role has molded the way we support our woman employees. Schuchart hosts women-only activities so that we can get to know each other outside of the office. Also, I have noticed that more women are joining our team as the company grows, which is great!  

How do you handle the work-life balance? How does Schuchart support your work/life balance?
I focus on planning my workload so that I don’t have to focus on work often during my time off. One thing I appreciate is that Schuchart pays for my gym membership. I exercise and do folk dancing regularly and I’m thankful that the company encourages healthful choices.