Excerpt from our article on Daily Journal of Commerce

In March of 2020 the world suddenly changed on many levels, including how and where we went to work each day. A global pandemic caused a pivot from a traditional office-based workforce to remote-first, and added the complexities of caregiver, teacher, and support network to many individuals’ job descriptions.

Nearly two years later, as more employees are contemplating their return to offices and many businesses are looking to upgrade or expand their space, the conversation around the modern workplace must change: How can we be more intentional, building spaces that are equitable and accessible, and reflect the culture and values of the employees that inhabit them?

But while current events may have caused more organizations to view tenant improvement projects through a different lens, we aren’t seeing a major swing in what these future workplaces ultimately look like. We’re still building for density, and we’re still upgrading for technology and energy efficiency. We don’t need to change the types of spaces we’re building. We need to change the process used to get there; and it starts by inviting the right people to the table.

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